Smartwhip Cream Chargers

A smartwhip cream chargers are top of the edge designed cream chargers. Each tank holds the same as 80 8g N20 chargers. This makes the process of making whip cream so much easier.

What is inside a Smartwhip Canister?

They are whipped cream chargers filled with nitrous oxide. They are mainly used in the kitchen as a whipping agent for whipped cream. However, they are being increasingly used by dispensing the nitrous oxide into a balloon and inhaling. They are used in this way to achieve a high.



Smartwhip is one of the main provider of pressurized canisters in England, Scotland, Wales, Europe, Australia and USA. We provide pressurized canisters to hotels, pubs, restaurants and many more. We also offer smartwhip wholesale for retailers looking to startup their own businesses. The effect of smartwhip is quite similar to that of cannabis carts such as the glazed disposable hhc

We also sell whipcream canisters from other top brands such as creame deluxe, mosa cream chargers, kayser cream chargers and many more

Cream Chargers

Cream chargers are steel cartridges filled with N2O. They are used as whipping agents in whipped cream dispenser. There are many brands producing cream chargers the main brands include:

  • Smartwhip
  • Mosa cream chargers
  • Supreme chargers

and many more. These chargers are basically Nos canisters. They are increasingly used during parties and raves to fill up balloons. The high got from inhaling this nitrous filled balloons is quite intoxicating.

About Cream Chargers

What You Need To Know About Cream Chargers

How To Use Cream Chargers

  • To use a cream charger properly you need a dispenser followed by adding the ingredients you need to whip.
  • Next, place the lid back on firmly and ensure it is tightly screwed.
  • Then you simply place the cream charger into the charger holder and screw it into place on the dispenser. Releasing the gas and shaking the dispenser well to ensure it binds with the ingredients. That’s it! Your whipped cream is ready to dispense.

The Best Brands To Buy

While most creamers are non refillable steel containing nitrous oxide they are not made to the same standard. When you want to buy a cream charger it is best you stick to reputable brands such as smartwhip, Mosa and Liss. You are guaranteed quality if you stick to this brands.

Top 5 uses of a cream charger

  • Rapid infusions: This is a super easy technique that allows one to infuse liquids with intense flavour in the shortest possible time. As the pressurised gas forces the liquid into the pores of your solid ingredient
  •  One-hour Marinades: A not so popular fact about cream dispensers is that they can be used to significantly speed up the marinating time of your favorite roast chicken or ceviche recipe.
  • Sweet and savoury mousses: With the help of a thickening agent such as xanthan gum or high fat cream, you can create so many different kind of mousse from almost anything. Sweet, savoury or sour – the possibilities are endless.
  • The perfect whipped cream: If you love hot chocolate and dessert then the smart whip charger is for you. Nothing can top freshly whipped cream with perfect consistency. Also with a siphon, you can decide how soft or firm you want your peaks to be.
  • Hot,cold and solid foams: Culinary foams are packed with immense flavors and are a key product of cream dispensers. With the right equipment i.e smartwhip anyone can make a stylish dish or fancy cocktail.


Never overfill the dispenser with more than the required amount of N20. This can lead to escape of liquid and even damage of the cream dispenser in some cases. They have also being reports of people using cream chargers to inflate balloons to inhale the gas. This is highly dangerous and can result in throat spasms, chronic cough and asphyxiation in severe cases. The effects of this smartwhip canisters are quite similar to that from consuming shroom bars such as the fusion shroom bars

It is always advisable to purchase N20 cream chargers near me than an online store without proper knowledge of nitrous oxide canisters. The reason behind this statement are as follow:

  • It is easier for consumers to interact with the sales agents and ask any questions they might have. 
  • It also provides a chance for proper and concise instructions to be provided on how to use cream chargers such as smart whip especially for first time users.

The effects of inhaling smartwhip is quite similar to the high got from smoking cannabis such as permanent marker strain popularly sold in the U.S.A in a lot of dispensaries e.g doja dispensary


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